Crop Circle Conspiracies

Crop circles, sometimes called crop formations, are patterns of flattened crops in the middle of a field. These designs are often the subject of mystery and conspiracy. Some people dismiss them as a hoax, while others seek meaning from alien activity or time travel. Although the number of crop circles has risen significantly since the 1970s, there has been little scientific study on the subject. The formations generally appear overnight, adding to their mystery of their origins. The first documented crop circle was photographed in the UK in 1976, but legends of strange crop formations date back much earlier.

The original hoax

The original flying saucer crop circle in Wiltshire, England was debunked as a hoax orchestrated by two local pranksters, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley. Part of the original suspicion surrounding this geographic design comes from its proximity to Stonehenge. The rock formations at Stonehenge have their own mysterious history. Since Bower and Chorley’s stunt, crop creations and the conspiracies surrounding them have become a global phenomenon.

Crop circle creation

One key aspect of crop circles is that the plants are not cut, they are flattened. Plant stocks are swirled as part of the geometric pattern. Cereal crops, such as wheat and barley, are the most commonly used plants for crop circles. Depending on the design, crop circles range from a few feet across to several hundred feet. Their size contributes to the conspiracy behind these formations. It would be a difficult feat for humans to perfectly execute such large patterns in a single night.

Conspiracy season

Crop circles become visible as light dawns. Their flawless formations only appear during a crop’s growing season. Farmers all over the world have witnessed the phenomenon, but Southern England regularly reports the most. Crop formation season typically begins in late April and lasts through late August. While the appearance of crop circles is rare, some areas have reported multiple formations in one night.

Formation explanation

Common explanations for crop circles include whirl winds, earth’s energy, extraterrestrials, and pranksters, but crop formations continue to be the subject of much debate. Their origins are as controversial as their meaning. Mathematicians, farmers, conspiracy theorists, and scientists all contribute their opinions about what these geometric shapes mean.

Dr. Horace Drew holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry, and he believes that extra terrestrials use crop formations as a way to communicate with humans peacefully. Drew has studied crop circles for over 20 years. He is convinced of their importance and attributes technological breakthroughs and binary code to the arrangement of these mysterious plants. Whatever you believe, websites and fan bases regularly post about the latest formations, which attract several visitors to the site.

Crop insurance coverage

There are legal implications for the pranksters if they’re caught. Landowners can hold the people involved as responsible for the destruction of their crops. Most crop insurance companies don’t cover damage from extraterrestrial activity. If the culprits are caught, the farmer can receive insurance payments for the vandalism in their fields. Whether you’re looking for hidden meaning or looking for the hoax behind your crop circles, comprehensive crop insurance policy can protect your investment from vandals.