Farm junk is trending

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The rusty old junk that’s cluttering up your barn is now trendy. Your used farm equipment can be repurposed into home decorations that are rustic and chic. These projects are a cost-effective way for you to clean out your shed and spruce up your home. You can even sell that “junk” for other people to use in their projects. The money you earn can help fund your next fixer-upper project around the house.

You’ll dig this garden trellis

Repurpose your old farm tools into a rustic trellis. The rugged, weathered look is softened with the lush green vines that climb up the fixture. Take old rusty shovels or pitchforks and fasten them together to make a trellis for your garden. Secure them by nailing wooden planks to the back of the long wooden handles of your tools. For a more decorative look, wrap twine around the handles and the wooden planks. The trellis should form a fan shape with the shovel’s metal blades pointed upward.

Gear up for these candle holders

The rusty gears from your old tractor make unique rustic candle holders. Stacking them adds interesting height differences. Gears with holes of different sizes allow for candles of different sizes. Attach coils and springs to wrap around the candles for more decoration. These centerpieces add rustic charm to coffee tables and end tables around the house. Since they’re made out of repurposed equipment, the gear candle holders can weather the outdoor elements to add decoration on your front porch.

Flowers grow where they’re planted

Pots and planters are sold in retail stores with huge price markups. They’re often too expensive to purchase for your landscaping projects. Fortunately, old buckets, chicken feeders, and watering cans make decorative replacements. Old tractor tires make great garden beds. Farmers have a lot of options for empty containers of all different sizes and shapes. This old equipment can easily be cleaned up and filled with dirt to hold flowers instead of chicken feed. Your repurposed planters can be attached or arranged to fit your landscape design.

You’ve got mail(boxes)

An old, unused mailbox will make a very happy home for birds. Freshen up your metal mailbox with a new coat of paint and fill the inside with twigs and leaves for the birds. Make sure to cut a piece of wood to fit the mailbox opening. The wood should have a small hole in the center so the birds can fit inside. With a wooden insert in place, the original metal door can serve as a landing for the birds, and other creatures won’t be able to get inside the mailbox. Place your mailbox birdhouse in the shade to keep the inside cool. Your feathered friends will appreciate a place to rest and you’ll appreciate the chirping melodies in your garden.

Wagon wheels roll back into style

Old-fashioned wagon wheels make rustic benches and tables when they’re repurposed for your home. Connect the two wheel with a sturdy axel or similar structure, but make sure it’s held in place. If you don’t secure the wheels your table might roll away. The size of your wagon wheels will determine what kind of bench or table you construct. If you’re using larger wheels, you can place wooden planks on top of the axel, in the middle of the wheels. The top of the wheels will serve as arm rests for your bench. If your wheels are smaller, you can secure wooden planks on top of them for a bench, patio table or coffee table.

Farms are treasure-troves for old equipment that can be repurposed into home and garden decorations. That old junk sitting tin your shed can be used for rustic and chic decor or sold to other project enthusiasts. Whatever you decide to do with your old farm equipment, your rustic farm materials are trending.