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Crop Insurance Solutions offers farmers the best crop protection policies available. Every policy recommendation is supported with our own analysis because we view crop insurance differently. At Crop Insurance Solutions, crop insurance is a commodity. Each year we work with companies to develop new and innovative policies that provide farmers with real protection on their operation. Review our approach and see how Crop Insurance Solutions can offer you an easier experience and save you money with better coverage.

area risk protection

ARPI is an insurance plan that provides coverage based on the experience of an entire area, generally…READ MORE

revenue protection

This policy guarantees an amount of revenue (based on the individual producers…READ MORE

yield protection

YP provides protection against a loss in yield due to nearly all natural disasters. For…READ MORE

harvest price exclusion

This coverage is similar to RP in that the RP-HPE policy covers revenue losses due to a low price, low yield…READ MORE

pasture and rangeland

PRF is designed to provide insurance coverage on your pasture, rangeland, or forage acres. This innovative pilot…READ MORE

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