Tips for Taking Wedding Photos Outside

Dreamy pictures of couples in wheat fields at sunset flood the Internet as the latest wedding and engagement trend. Family farms and natural landscapes have become a popular backdrop for wedding photography. These photos are a beautiful way to preserve some of the happiest moments in a couple’s life. Before you hit the hay to take your wedding pictures, here are some tips to capture the most memorable outdoor wedding photos and engagement photos.

Plan your wardrobe

Before you take your wedding or engagement photos in a field, make sure to prepare for any potential obstacles. Think about everything from wardrobe and weather to timing and touchups. Depending on the field and the material of your dress, your clothes could snag or catch on the plants. Wear shoes that can easily walk over uneven terrain. High heels, for example, poke through the dirt as you walk, making them less than ideal for field photo shoots.

Pollen from the plants could stain your white dress or the groom’s black tux. Think about the potential for bugs. Insects will be drawn to sweet smelling hairspray so you could be smiling through a swarm of unwanted photobombing pests. This is especially a problem if you’re taking pictures at dusk. Although it’s a great way to capture an amazing sunset, you’ll also capture bugs at their favorite time of day. Consider throwing a can of bug spray into your makeup bag.

Have a backup plan

When planning for outdoor photo shoots, always have a backup plan. Weather conditions are unpredictable at best, and you don’t want it to rain on your photography parade. If the shoot is for engagement photos, maybe you reschedule. If you’re planning to take your wedding photos outside, have a secondary location so you can still capture the moment without worrying about the weather. Have your makeup ready to for touch ups to freshen up before the wedding ceremony or reception. You don’t want to show up sweaty and smelly on a hot summer day.

Work with natural lighting

Scope out locations with your photographer before the big day. This gives you a chance to plan wardrobe and think about what specific shots you want in advance. Make sure to visit the location at the same time of day as your photo shoot is scheduled. This way you have an idea of what the natural lighting will look like for your photo shoot.

Timing and transportation are important for outdoor wedding photo shoots, especially if you’re planning to capture the whole wedding party. Group shots take time to organize and set up. Make sure to schedule enough time to capture the right natural light. How will you transport everyone to the photoshoot location? Your wedding party will need a ride to and from the shoot. Keep distance in mind too. You don’t want to be too far away from your reception venue and leave your guests bored and hungry.

Rustic and natural, not dirty

If you’re using props during your photo shoot, make sure they’re cleaned and ready to go. Spend some time sprucing them up for the camera, whether you’re working with hay bales or old barn wood. Hay bales are scratchy and prickly, so think about covering them with a cute blanket. Old barn wood signs and knickknacks are great photo props but remember that rustic props and natural landscapes don’t require dirty looking photos.